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Using Brightspace

Pellissippi State uses an application called Brightspace to organize and deliver your online course materials. Both online and on-ground courses may use this environment throughout the semester so be sure to check with your instructor to determine how Brightspace will be used.

Brightspace and D2L (Desire2Learn) are terms used interchangeably. D2L is the company that develops and manages Brightspace, our Learning Management System (LMS). Brightspace is the course management platform for all of the Pellissippi  and TN eCampus courses.

Brightspace Pulse Mobile App

Brightspace Pulse is a mobile app that can help learners stay connected and on track with their courses in Brightspace Learning Environment. It provides one easy view of course calendars, readings, assignments, evaluations, grades, and announcement items. The app can help learners make better decisions about how to handle workload, when to submit assignments, and when to prepare for tests. Real-time alerts can let learners know when classes are canceled, rooms are moved, or new grades are available. The schedule view and weekly visualization enables learners to quickly at a glance view what is due today, this week, and upcoming across all their courses.

Brightspace Pulse is available for download from any global Google Play™ store or Apple App Store®. The app is generally released at the beginning of the month, and then sometimes mid-month, if issues are found. Depending on how your device is configured, the app may update automatically or you may have to manually check for new versions.

Note: Some activities within Brightspace (e.g. taking proctored quizzes) require you to use a laptop or desktop computer rather than a mobile device.

Brightspace Tutorials

Tutorials for using Brightspace are organized in the following six pages:


Getting Started

This page includes:

How do I log into Brightspace?

How do I edit my Brightspace user profile and picture?

How do I send a message in Brightspace?

How do I log out of Brightspace?



This page includes:

How do I find my courses?

How do I pin my classes to the top of the course list?

How do I print or download course content?

How do I contact my instructor?



This page includes:

How do I create a discussion thread?

How do I reply to a discussion?



This page includes:

How do I submit an assignment?

How do I delete an assignment submission?



This page includes:

How do I take a quiz?

How do I request another quiz attempt?



This page includes:

How do I view my grades?

How do I view my class progress?

For additional assistance, contact Helpdesk at:

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