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Student Privacy and Proctorio

Pellissippi State Community College Privacy Statement

Proctored testing enables the college to ensure the academic integrity of assessments and to comply with federal regulations that require colleges offering online and distance education to verify student identity. Traditional face-to-face classes that are unable to test in the classroom typically rely on testing facilities for live, in-person proctoring of exams.


Online proctoring is being used by the College as an alternative to in-person proctored testing. This is a common practice of online and distance learning courses and is used by colleges throughout the world. In conjunction with a variety of alternate assessment strategies, faculty may rely on online proctoring to help prevent honor violations such as the following:

  • Use of a false identity,

  • Unauthorized collaboration,

  • Use of unauthorized materials, and

  • Copying or distributing test items to others.

At this time, the online proctoring service Proctorio is being offered at no cost to Pellissippi State students. Proctorio is FERPA compliant, which means that Proctorio is prohibited from using student data in any way other than to carry out the contracted services.

Students should be aware that

  • Proctorio does not sell student information to third parties.

  • Proctorio does not scan home networks or monitor data from any device on the network other than the one used for testing.

Unlike many other online proctoring systems, Proctorio is not an application installed on the student’s computer. Instead, Proctorio operates through an extension on the Chrome browser. Therefore, the following is true:

  • Since the extension is contained within the Chrome browser itself, it only has access to the limited operations that are provided by the browser – nothing else.

  • The extension is only active while you are within the learning management system, and never accesses any personal or private data.

  • The extension may be deleted immediately following the proctored test.

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